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Jean-François Rauch

Smart and Innovative Operation Senior International Expert, Air Liquide

11 years in AL Engineering department / 

Process Control Design & Process Safety Design / Dynamic Modeling & Simulation (Operator Training Simulator) / Engineering Studies / Functional Scheme & DCS/SGS / Commissioning /  Multi-Variable Predictive Controller (Commissioning) / Real Time Optimisation (Design, Implementation) / Troubleshooting (Process, Instrumentation, System)

for: Air Separation Unit  (ASU)   / Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) / Cold Box Hydrogen CO (CH4 Wash, Partial Condensation) / MDEA unit / PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) / Oxygen Piping and Oxygen System

11 years in AL Operation ( Large Industry) / 

Advanced Process Control (Optimization, MVPC deployment)  /  Reliability (Trip Abatement Program) / Oxygen System Expert / Smart and Innovative Operation (development an deployment of the SIO.Perform stream)

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