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Arnaud Breuillac

Member of the Executive Committee President Exploration & Production

Arnaud Breuillac, 62, graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1981.
He joined TOTAL in 1982 and has served in various positions in its Exploration &
Production Division, including Abu Dhabi, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Angola as well as the Refining Division in France.From 2004 to 2006, he held the position of Vice President, Middle East ‐ Iran.

In December 2006, he was appointed to the Management Committee of the Exploration
& Production Division, concurrent with a new role as Senior Vice‐President,
Continental Europe & Central Asia.

In July, 2010, he was appointed President, Exploration & Production, Middle East and
in January, 2011, became a member of the Group’s Management Committee.
In 2014, Arnaud Breuillac became Member of Total Executive Committee and
President, Exploration & Production, responsible for the Company’s increasingly
diverse portfolio around the world.


Since 2016 named Project Director of the Veristar AIM3D development, done in partnership with Dassault Systèmes

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